Forms, Forms, and More Forms

One of the more complex and daunting aspect of the college application process is making sure that all the forms are completed in a timely and correct manner.  One important form is the FAFSA which is an acronym for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form is the platform that the government uses to determine if a student is eligible for financial aid. In order to fill out the application, the filer and the student have to apply for a FSA ID.  This takes no more than five minutes to do, but be sure to store your ID number in a safe place as you will need to use it when filing.  The next thing that is important to have is your tax statement [...]

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The Dreaded Question

The dreaded supplemental question that stumps most seniors is “Why University X?” Perhaps the student may not really want to attend the school, and it’s only on their list because it’s a safety school or maybe the question is just too broad and getting started seems impossible.  Whatever the case, the question is not optional.   A common mistake is when an applicant writes a travel brochure for the city where the university is located.  “The hustle and bustle of New York City is exhilarating” or “the proximity of the beach in Los Angeles just can’t be beat” are common mistakes.  Believe me, the admission officers know what makes their city so special.  They live there! Here is what need to be communicated. Why do you [...]

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How Involved Should Parents Be When Their Child is Filling Out the Application?

They sit at the table overwhelmed with everything they have on their plate.  They have school work to get done and grades are so important especially senior year, they have demands of all their extra curricular activities, looming last chance standardized tests, and then to top it all off they need to fill out the applications. It would be very easy for parents to intervene and take the weight of the world off their children’s shoulders and take over and begin filling out the application for them. Who knows better than a parent all the personal and demographic information? While our seniors are overwhelmed, it is certain that if the time they spend on social media and binge watching the latest Netflix show is tallied, [...]

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Deferred? Now What?

Whether this is your first time being rejected in your lifetime or your tenth (remember that time you didn’t make the team or you did not get invited to the Homecoming dance?) it hurts. It is a stinging kind of pain.  One that hits you at your very core and makes you wallow in self doubt. These are all natural reactions.  Allow yourself time to grieve, to be upset, to ask why me and not him? Eat that ice cream sundae with another friend who is in the same boat, and then wipe off your pants because you have some work to do and bigger fish to fry. Resist the urge to contact the school and ask them what went wrong. You will have an [...]

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