Helpful Links

  • FAFSA – Short for Free Application for Federal Aid. If you are planning on applying for financial aid, this is an important link.

  • ACT – Register here for the ACT test and access a calendar of when the tests are offered.

  • SAT – Register here for the SAT test.

  • Naviance – Naviance helps connect academic achievement to students’ long-term goals. The platform allows students to advocate for themselves and stay motivated and organized through the process.

  • The Common Application – Over 700 colleges and universities accept the Common Application so that the same information does not need to be repeatedly input  for every college on the students’ list.

  • The Coalition Application – More than 100 colleges use The Coalition Application as their platform for the application process, and the list is growing each year.  The locker system available on this application allows students to digitally store projects and have an online portfolio.

  • College Data  While there is no exact science behind the admission process, College Data is helpful in providing averages, statistics and brief information about  specific colleges.  Just type in the name of the school and you are on your way.

  • FAFSA Demo  This website takes you through the filling out of  FAFSA step by step by using a demo. It makes the process user friendly and removes the mystery and anxiety