Congratulations to all seniors who are receiving amazing news from your Early Decision, Early Action, and Rolling Decision schools! You worked hard and your efforts have paid off.  But please remember that not everyone is on the receiving end of such good news. Some of your peers were unable to apply to an Early Decision school because of financial constraints while others are unfortunately receiving  disappointing news. All too often there seems to be no rhyme or reason why one applicant is accepted over another which makes it an even harder pill to swallow.  A few recommendations for those of you who now know where you will be headed in the fall:

  • Be kind and considerate on social media. 
  •  As soon as you accept your spot at the school of your choice, update Naviance or Scoir, let your counselor know about your acceptance and thank those teachers who have written you letters of recommendation. 
  • Most importantly, you must do the right and ethical thing and rescind all your other applications.  While tempting “to see” where else you get in, keeping your application in the pool will take away another applicant’s spot. Some universities make it easy to rescind with a click of a button on the student portal.  Other  schools make it a bit more difficult and an email or phone call may be required. If you know your admission rep, you can email him/her directly, if not then just email the office of admissions. Please see sample  email below.


Dear _________,


Thank you so much for considering my application for admission to the class of 20____.  However, I have been admitted Early Decision to _______________ and I will be enrolling there next fall, so I am officially withdrawing my application from consideration at your institution.  I wish you much success with the incoming freshman class.




City, State

XYZ High School

Common App ID ?????


Now that you have been accepted, you can take that deep sigh of relief. Continue to maintain your grades and work hard and be responsible for your actions.  This is not the time to let loose.