It’s that time of year.  Decisions are beginning to be released and will continue to be released until the beginning of April. Some seniors will be opening disappointing emails with denies or waitlists while others are going to be thrilled with their admittance. It is,to say the least, a challenging time for both the student and the family;it’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions.  Trying to unpack why one college has admitted a student and why another has accepted is tempting, but it is a puzzle that is impossible to solve. It is more important to focus energy on schools that have offered admittance to the student and determine what the best fit keeping in mind that all decisions need to be made by May 1.

Advice for Parents

  1. Stay positive and engaged in the process.  You may feel a sense of disappointment that your child did not get into the school you have been fantasizing about. Put on your best game face, smile, and know that there is a school where your child will thrive.
  2. Humility is key.  If your child did get into that dream school be sure that you allow your child to share his or her news in his or her own way.  If you are about to post the news, think twice about how that may make your child feel and also consider other parents who may not have good news to share. Yet.
  3. Be sure that you and your child engage in conversations about the looming decision. Be honest about finances and challenge your child to understand what about each school speaks to them.  Knowing someone who is a student at a particular school is not a good enough reason.

Advice for Students

  1. Know that your parents, your teachers, and school are all proud of your accomplishments
  2. Try hard not to dwell on the disappointing news and focus on those schools that have offered you a spot. Join that school’s Facebook group for newly admitted students. See what the vibe is, meet new people, perhaps reconnect with old ones,  and you will learn new things about the school.
  3. Be sensitive to those students who are not necessarily celebrating (quite yet).  Be positive, be kind, and enjoy your last several months you have as a senior class.
  4. Keep studying.  Grades do matter. Finish strong. Colleges do not care if you plead senioritis, all acceptances are conditional. And do NOT get into any disciplinary trouble at school. Admittances can be revoked.  Stay focused. There is way too much at stake!